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At Mt. Zion Health Recruitment, we believe in providing much-needed solutions to the nursing shortage crisis. With thousands of unemployed nursing graduates around the world, we see the potential to help fill the gaps in nursing care in the United States while also creating employment opportunities for qualified individuals.

About Us

At Mt. Zion Health Recruitment, we are dedicated to bridging the gap in the nursing workforce and addressing the critical shortage of registered nurses in the United States. With our global network of skilled and compassionate registered nurses, we ensure that no patient goes without the care they need. Through our rigorous selection process, we match healthcare organizations with culturally competent nurses who possess the necessary expertise to thrive in diverse healthcare settings. 


We value diversity and recognize the enriching experiences that international nurses bring to the US healthcare system. Our comprehensive support extends beyond recruitment, as we assist with immigration processes, cultural integration, and ongoing professional development. Join us in building a stronger, more resilient healthcare workforce and making a positive impact on patient care nationwide. 

Success Stories

From rural hospitals to busy medical centers, our nurses bring dedication, compassion, and expertise to improve healthcare outcomes. These success stories showcase the effectiveness of our recruitment process and the invaluable contributions of our international nurses in addressing the nursing shortage and providing quality care to patients.

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At Mt Zion, we have representatives available internationally to assist foreign-educated nurses in the process of becoming licensed RNs in the U.S. They provide guidance through every step of the process from credential evaluation to seeking employment and obtaining permanent license.